About Us

Welcome to Ozi Care Equipment

At Ozi Care Equipment, we’re a small team with big passion for helping people learn about care and mobility products. This site started when our founder Jay was helping his Grandmother equip her home as she aged. There was no real knowledge out their on what to do, you just asked the local store or assessor and did what they said. Brands, quality and price didn’t factor into it.
From that experience, the idea for Ozi Care Equipment was born – to create a trustworthy resource on all things mobility and care equipment related.

We may be a tiny startup, but over the past couple years we’ve worked hard to build something meaningful. We take pride in crafting genuinely helpful content that educates and empowers readers. No nonsense – just useful advice in plain language.

Our Focus

Our focus is on in-depth product reviews, guides that decode complex topics, and sharing real stories from the community. We cover everything from wheelchairs, walkers, bathroom equipment to beds, lifts and more. If it can improve comfort, mobility or independence, we are on it!

Beyond equipment, we also provide lifestyle tips – from home modifications to funding programs. We aim to inform our community on the full spectrum of options for living life to the fullest.

Our Promise

Our promise is to always stay genuinely reader-focused. We also value community wisdom, frequently consulting occupational therapists, engineers and users. The collective insight from these discussions is woven into our writing.

We sincerely hope Ozi Care Equipment can lend a hand in simplifying the complex world of care products. We’re grateful you’ve joined us on this journey.

Onwards and upwards!

Keen to talk?
team@ozicareequipment.com.au Jay: 0435448226